Revels Anonymous (SCA) and Renaissance Anonymous (REC)


XII Steps to Recovery from Historical Re-Creation (Faire Dependency)

  1. I must acknowledge that I do live in, work in, and deal with a modern, mundane world.

  2. I should not make excuses for my historical re-creation or reenactment activities to others.

  3. I will refrain from shopping or visiting thrift stores to the best of my abilities.

  4. I won't stop at used book stores every time I observe one nor shall I seek them out.

  5. I will not spend entire days (or nights) buried in history books at the library.

  6. I can pass by and ignore sales at yardage and fabric stores.

  7. I am not going to speak Elizabethan, Forsoothly or Basic Faire Accent (BFA) to mundanes outside of the faire environment.

  8. I can keep myself from wearing portions of my costume during mundane weekdays.

  9. I have to sleep; therefore I can not work on costumes after midnight.

  10. I must not bow to civilians above my station or at mundane weddings and ceremonies.

  11. I will recall mundane names of all folk -- no using character names in others' hearing.

  12. I will not mix modern music with period dancing, dance mundanely to historical music, nor -- with only slight hesitation -- put old lyrics to current music. (Filk? Well...maybe only a little.)

-- Magnus Maxwell, B-S (Barber-Surgeon)
© Copyright 1990 by Michael L. Foster
Updated 27 May 1997 by Michael Foster